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24th Fab Management Forum (FMF)

POSTER SESSION - Skills in the Workforce and People in Processes

The Poster Session “Skills in The Workforce & People in Processes” aims to foster discussions regarding the optimization of people and skills in semiconductor fab manufacturing environments. We are interested in hearing from individuals and companies working in organizational processes, organizational development, learning and development and HR among other within the semiconductor industry.

We are particularly interested in projects for:

  • Optimizing people / teams in semiconductor fab manufacturing processes
  • Strategies in attracting beginners and young professionals in the semiconductor industry
  • Discussions regarding the need to introduce new skills in the workforce and promoting awareness in the industry for this issue
  • Succession strategies: Transferring skills from leaving experts to younger people and new hires
  • Business insights for anticipating future skill needs
  • Managements methods in regards to the digitalization needs

How to participate:

  • Select your solution / method to showcase how your solution / method impacts semiconductors fab manufacturing and organisations.
  • Six finalists will be selected and notified in June 2020
  • Each finalist will have ten minutes to present their product on stage, followed by the audience voting onsite to select the winner.

The abstract submission deadline has expired and submission will no longer be accepted. We thank all authors who have submitted their abstracts. 

Selected presenters will receive:

  • One complimentary pass to the summit
  • 10 minutes presentation slot to pitch the audience
  • Space to showcase their poster and opportunity to interact with the audience regarding their work
  • The winners will receive full speaking slot on the 2021 program.


Contact Pantelitsa Markus at