The Call for Abstracts for technical sessions and presentations for SEMICON Europa 2019 co-located with productronica now CLOSED.

SUBMIT BY MAY 24, 2019

This year "Call for Abstracs" is open for:


  • Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)
    12-13 November 2019 / Munich, Germany

Packaging & Test - Challenges Towards High Reliability. 
With the advent of IoT, Autonomous Driving and Smart Everything the semiconductor industry is undergoing ever closer integration between the fields of More Moore and More Than Moore. The spiraling costs of transistor scaling are leading to highly inventive and challenging applications enabling improved PPAC (Power, Performance, Area, Cost), closer integration with alternative device types plus the need to bring Edge Computing into the local area compute arena. With all of these new integration and device approaches, Advanced Packaging continues to become a key enabler for the continued growth of our industry. The scientific and engineering difficulties brought about by ever increasing complexity in terms of materials, equipment and metrology development also begin to lead us towards the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies at package level to maintain high yield towards maximum value products. As a result package and device reliability, materials characterization, data capture and interpretation all become key areas of research for an ever more connected environment. Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging, Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging, Heterogenous Integration, System-inPackage and 3D Packaging are all areas of research maturing into mass production capable offerings. In order to enable this IDM, OSATs and foundries are developing business models to enable faster time-to-market (low cost) packages and the continuous improvement of those packages is a critical research area.

At this year’s Advanced Packaging Conference, we want to present the latest advancements and innovations in this field. If your company is active in packaging as well as advanced packaging and test, we invite you to submit an abstract.  

Call for abstracts APC Conference


  • Strategic Materials Conference (SMC)
    12-13 November 2019 / Munich, Germany

Technology from Europe – Technology for Europe.
Materials of all types – gases, chemicals, substrates, masks, coatings, encapsulants, adhesives, etc. – are essential for the fabrication of semiconductor devices. European device makers rely on a strong and vibrant supplier base to enable their manufacture of a wide variety of device types, including power semiconductors, RF components, optoelectronics, embedded memories, MEMS and sensors. Fabless companies and designers in Europe rely on the materials and processes employed by foundries worldwide to realize their ideas on silicon. European innovation centers drive the new materials required to keep the semiconductor roadmap and Moore’s Law as well as more than Moore on track. This includes materials for Fan-In and Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging to enable new 5G, AI and ADAS developments.

SEMI organizes a global series of Strategic Materials Conferences, and the meeting to be held at SEMICON Europa in November shall focus on Enabling Technologies from Europe for Europe. You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for inclusion in this conference.  





Prospective presenters are invited to submit abstracts (1,000–2,000 characters).
Materials must be original, non-commercial and non-published.
Abstracts must clearly detail the nature, scope, content, organization, key points, and significance of the proposed presentation. SUBMIT HERE!


Email: semieurope@semi.org

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