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SMART MedTech Forum - Day 1

Wednesday, November 11 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Inspiration Hub, Hall C1



Continuum of Healthcare Powered by Semiconductor Technologies

The SMART MedTech Forum brings together key stakeholders from along the semiconductor value chain and healthcare sector to address current challenges and opportunities in bringing the power of chip technology to healthcare. Led by the European MedTech Advisory Council, the Forum will explore the influence of semiconductor technologies in driving healthtech innovations.

Join us at the SMART MedTech Forum to connect with the companies shaking up healthcare, and gain insights on leading trends and the future of healthtech.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery
  • Wearable Data & Machine Learning 
  • Digital Health Sensors
  • Fast Track to Diagnostics with Semiconductors
  • Healthcare System Research & Innovation


  • Clinical Trials Enhanced by Digital Technologies
  • Personalized Health Management Enabled by Nanotechnology
  • Integrated Care for Patient-Centric Health Solutions
  • Healthtech Innovation Startup Pitches
  • Smart Investments in Health

European MedTech Advisory Council

Henry Leistner | Team Leader in Micro Dosing Systems - EMFT, Fraunhofer 

Hilary Lashley-Renison | Senior Director, GE Licensing

Jerome Mouly | Senior Analyst and Business Developer, Yole Développement

Zohaib Gulzar | Business Development Manager, Connected Health Solutions, imec

Patrick Boisseau | Director EU Research and Innovation Partnership Policy, MedTech Europe


For information on the Council, contact:

Cassandra Melvin | Director of Operations, SEMI Europe


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