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Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)

Wednesday, November 11 | 9:00 am - 6:40 pm
International Congress Center (ICM)

Enabling Heterogeneous Integration in Package for New Applications

In this third decade of the 21st century, digitalization is already changing many areas of our lives. This trend will continue to impact the way we live and work. Key element are solutions enabled by electronics.

Assembly, Interconnection, Packaging, and Test of electronics is gaining further importance as an integrated functional part of the system solutions. Miniaturization and increasing integration levels in the package enables more functionality and higher system performance on less space, higher reliability, and lower system cost.

The way to achieve this is Heterogeneous Integration of multiple bare dies, chiplets, interposers, and already packaged components with different functionality in a single SiP (System-in-Package). New advanced packaging solutions can’t be developed in isolation. To ensure success, an innovative system approach, close co-operations, alliances, partnerships, and new business models along the complete semiconductor supply chain is required. Advances in this field will be presented at this year’s APC.

Key Discussion Topics:

  • Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap and its implementation: Learn how to achieve higher integration levels, why smaller systems are enabling better system performance, and can reduce your system cost.
  • Methods and processes to succeed will be shown in case studies of enabling digitalization in key markets by applying advanced packaging solutions.
  • Virtual prototyping and simulation for faster Time-to-Market and reduced development cost. Thermal and thermo-mechanical material analysis supports Design for Reliability and Performance using latest design tools.
  • Enabling advanced assembly and packaging for next generation RF devices, antennas and radars by new functional material development and test.
  • Applications driving Materials and Processes towards Diversity: Update on manufacturing equipment with advanced capabilities, and processes for application of new functional materials.

Plus networking opportunities – Talk to the Experts – during this “Hybrid Live-Virtual Event”. More content is provided by adding virtual online presentations, supported by interactive presentations (posters), and elevator pitches during the live event.


A big thank you to the Steering Advanced Packaging Committee (APC) Members

Fraunhofer izm
  • Steffen Kroehnert, ESPAT-Consulting (Chair)
  • Peter Cockburn, Cohu (Co-Chair)
  • Jonathan Abdilla, Besi
  • Rolf Aschenbrenner, Fraunhofer IZM
  • Mark Azzopardi, CMT Semiconductor
  • Ruud De Wit, Henkel
  • Ivan Galesic, OSRAM

  • Michel Garnier, STMicroelectronic
  • Matthias Grossmann, Momentive
  • Ingo Henkel, Bosch
  • Frank Kuechenmeister, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Cassandra Koenig, Advantest
  • Andy Longford, PandA Europe
  • Andy Miller, IMEC

  • Jens Mueller, IMAPS Europe Chapter
  • Pascal Oberndorff, NXP
  • Thomas Oppert, PacTech
  • Gabriel Pares, CEA-LETI
  • Amandine Pizzagalli, Yole
  • Klaus Pressel, Infineon
  • Roland Rettenmeier, Evatec
  • Ralf Schmidt, Atotech




Keynote Speakers

Bill Chen

William Chen

Ph.D., ASE Fellow & Senior Technical Advisor, ASE Group
Rozalia Beica

Rozalia Beica

Chief Sales Officer, Semiconductor Division, AT&S
Thibault Buisson

Thibault Buisson

COO, Yole Développement
Dan Negrea

Dan Negrea

SVP New Technologies, AEMtec GmbH
Thorsten Meyer

Thorsten Meyer

Lead Principal Engineer, Infineon Technologies