Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)

Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)

Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)
Packaging & Test - Challenges Towards High Reliability

12-13 November 2019 | 12:00 – 18:10 / 09:00 – 14:10
ICM Munich - Room 14a


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With the advent of IoT, Autonomous Driving and Smart Everything the semiconductor industry is undergoing ever closer integration between the fields of More Moore and More Than Moore. The spiraling costs of transistor scaling are leading to highly inventive and challenging applications enabling improved PPAC (Power, Performance, Area, Cost), closer integration with alternative device types plus the need to bring Edge Computing into the local area compute arena. With all of these new integration and device approaches, Advanced Packaging continues to become a key enabler for the continued growth of our industry.

The scientific and engineering difficulties brought about by ever increasing complexity in terms of materials, equipment and metrology development also begin to lead us towards the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies at package level to maintain high yield towards maximum value products. As a result package and device reliability, materials characterization, data capture and interpretation all become key areas of research for an ever more connected environment.

Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging, Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging, Heterogenous Integration, System-in-Package and 3D Packaging are all areas of research maturing into mass production capable offerings. In order to enable this IDM, OSATs and foundries are developing business models to enable faster time-to-market (low cost) packages and the continuous improvement of those packages is a critical research area. At this year’s Advanced Packaging Conference, we want to present the latest advancements and innovations in this field.


2019 Agenda


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  Date Members Non-members Onsite Students
CONFERENCE TICKET 12 - 13 Nov. 2019 435 € 545 € 590 € 80 €
DAY TICKET            
Tuesday, 12 Nov. 2019 12 Nov. 2019 495 € 645 € 715 € 80 €
Wednesday, 13 Nov. 2019 13 Nov. 2019 495 € 645 € 715 € 80 €

*The prices include catering and conference proceedings.  
Day tickets grant access to the conference center (ICM) and the TechARENA / TechLOUNGE sessions on the selected day. 


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