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Secondary Equipment Session 2017


Supporting Productive Manufacturing in Europe


Date: 15 November 2017

Time: 12:00–14:00

Location: TechARENA 2

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As the “digitisation” of Europe continues demand is rapidly rising for the devices, sub-systems and applications that enable key market sectors such as Mobility, Health and Industrial Productivity. The vast majority of these applications are powered by large numbers of relatively lower price semiconductor devices – produced cost effectively in Europe using secondary equipment.

Through a combination of upgrades and re-engineering, manufacturing organisations across Europe, and globally, have been able to significantly prolong the life of older equipment. In addition, process developments have allowed older equipment to be “re-purposed” to fulfil new production requirements, such as MEMS devices.

However, this has proved such a popular activity that supplies of older equipment, especially at 200mm, are low and OEM’s have stepped in to offer new/old products to help fill the demand gap.  In parallel, secondary suppliers continue to maintain, support and upgrade older systems to prolong their useful life. Both types of supplier are also offering performance upgrades and service support capability.

However, significant challenges remain. Equipment costs are rising, engineering talent is thin on the ground and parts increasingly can be hard to find – threatening the capability to retain low cost manufacturing in Europe. Automation requirements must also be met.

The seminar will present a view of the market and challenges facing it, complemented by presentations from semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers.






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