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Secondary Equipment Session 2015



Secondary Equipment Session 2015

Secondary Equipment & Applications - Enabling the Internet of "Everything"?





Date: 7 October 2015

Time: 12:45 - 14:45

Location: TechARENA 2, Messe Dresden


While Moore's Law continues to drive the production of advanced devices, the broadening of the "More than Moore" market is poised to explode. All indicators are pointing to a major expansion in applications to support a massive increase in data interchange through sensors and related devices. The devices used to support these applications will range from simple sensors to complex packages but most can, and will, be built by "lower" technology level manufacturing equipment. This equipment will, in many cases, be required to be "remanufactured" and "repurposed" but will allow semiconductor suppliers to extend the use of their depreciated equipment and/or bring in additional equipment, matched to their process needs, at reduced cost. In many cases this older equipment will need to be supported by advanced manufacturing control techniques and new test & packaging capabilities.
This session will address the challenges and opportunities that industry will be presented with in this key market segment.


Who should attend?

European FAB management, related executives and professionals from the semiconductor industry.


Organized by:

> SEMI Secondary Equipment and Applications Europe chapter



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