Smart Workforce 2019

SMART Workforce

12 November 2019 | 10:00 - 18:30
Showfloor - Hall B2 (Inspiration Hub)

Building a More Diverse, Inclusive and Sustainable Future

An interactive and energizing program where students will learn how technology is transforming leadership and enabling solutions to global challenges, while discovering leading microelectronics innovations and exploring career opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

Thought Leaders will share insights on:

  • Navigating Success in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World

  • Excelling as a Career Starter

  • How the Semiconductor Industry Enables Sustainable Development

  • How the Internet of Things is Helping Solve Global Challenges

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Enabling the Data Revolution

  • Diversity and Inclusion for High Performance Teams

  • Leading in the Digital Age: How Technology is Reshaping Leadership

Join us in the Inspiration Hub for a day of discovery and connection! 

To mentor or mentee? Why not both?

Attention working pros: We need to attract the best and the brightest talent to keep up our record-breaking growth! Here’s your chance: Come learn about our new mentor program and network with potential next-generation talent interested in joining our Smart Workforce. Sign up today and help empower our future success! College Students: Find a mentor and get in the game!

The Biggest Adventures Begin with the Smallest Things

That’s right, semiconductors (aka microchips) are responsible for virtually all the modern technology we’ve come to rely on. But advanced medicine and artificial intelligence are just the beginning—these small but powerful chips are shaping our future in every way.

See What Happens When the World's Brightest Minds Come Together to Solve Humanity's Biggest Challanges! 
Watch the Video!


Inspiration Hub:

The Inspiration Hub (Hall B2) is meeting place for innovators, entrepreneurs, students, engineers, and key stakeholders in the European semiconductor and MedTech ecosystems.

Program 2019



Access to the SMART Workforce (Inspiration Hub) is free of charge for all visitors with SEMICON Europa visitor ticket.



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