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16th European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC)

Test Innovations for a Competitive Edge





Date: 8 - 9 October 2014

Time: 13:15 - 17:00 / 10:15 - 12:00

Location: TechARENA 2, ALPEXPO


Exhibitor Presentations

Date: 9 October 2014

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Location: TechARENA 2, ALPEXPO



This year's European Manufacturing Test Conference provides opportunities to:
• Present and discuss real solutions that maximize production test cell efficiency and minimize CoT
• Understand how IoT sensor integration & 3D packaging are impacting test development and  

  manufacturing test
• Gain insight into industry trends from Brian Swiggett of Prismark
• Join an expert panel to debate the importance and value of retaining a test and packaging presence

  within Europe.  

Leveraging the semiconductor eco-system of the Grenoble area, universities, institutes and startups can gain from the opportunity to present new test ideas and gather feedback from other industry experts and peers.

Organizing Committee:

> European Manufacturing Test Conference Committee (EMTC)


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Who should attend?

The EMTC focuses on (Design for) Test Technologies, Approaches and Equipment that are being developed in Europe and elsewhere. Attendance for this conference is a must for Product- and Test Engineers, as well as for their managers. As the conference also discusses breakthrough methodologies which impacts Test Operations, also test-fab managers and decision makers should attend and participate in the EMTC. Besides attending the formal sessions there are many opportunities to get together and discuss in an informal atmosphere the latest developments and experiences.