SEMICON Europa to rotate between Dresden and Grenoble

Co-located with Plastic Electronics 2014



Date: 7-9 Oct 2014
Location: Grenoble, France
Venue: Alpexpo

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Based on the intention to significantly increase the global semiconductor manufacturing share by public/private investment plans throughout Europe, SEMI has decided to rotate SEMICON Europe between the two largest semiconductor R&D and manufacturing clusters in Europe, namely Dresden and Grenoble. Consequently, SEMICON Europa 2014 will be held on October, 7-9 in Grenoble and return to Dresden in 2015. We are confident this rotation concept will provide increased business opportunities for our exhibitors and visitors. Additionally, we believe this strategy strongly supports the recently announced European Union’s EU10/100/20 initiative.


“The city of Grenoble is very proud to welcome SEMICON Europa 2014 for the first time and in rotation with the city of Dresden, with which we have a longstanding collaboration. Our region has been deeply involved and active in the microelectronics field since many years with the presence of industrial world leaders as well as world-class Research Institutes and numerous startups. I am convinced that SEMICON 2014 will definitely confirm our international visibility” said Michel Destot, former Mayor fo Grenoble and member of the French Parliament.

“This decision is very good news for the microelectronics ecosystem of Grenoble and for the collaboration of European clusters.  We wish to contribute to the success of the SEMICON Europa event for the benefits of European SME’s, startups, research and large groups enabling networking and collaborations of all stakeholders,” said Loic Lietar, former President of Minalogic.


The City of Dresden also supports SEMI’s decision. “We are very proud that — for five times in a row — the industry chose Europe’s largest micro- and nanoelectronics site to discuss current topics and trends. Dresden has been the origin of critical input that led to a re-evaluation of the semiconductor industry by the European Commission,” said Dirk Hilbert, Deputy Mayor of Dresden: “Coexisting European semiconductor sites more and more become cooperating alliance partners.” Hilbert expects Dresden and Grenoble to further work together in interdisciplinary topics such as Industry 4.0 in the future.


The German industry association Silicon Saxony e.V. supports the new exhibition strategy. “SEMI’s decision now is another step to further strengthen the idea of a competitive European semiconductor industry,” said Heinz Martin Esser, President of Silicon Saxony e.V. “It was Saxony where the European cluster alliance ‘Silicon Europe – The Leaders for Energy Efficient ICT Electronics’ was born. We are joining forces in the spirit of a pan-European strengthening. Our connection with Grenoble will also entail further benefits for Dresden.”


“SEMI strongly supports the expanded commitment to the European microelectronics industry and is confident that rotating locations for SEMICON Europa is the best strategy to serve our exhibitors and help accelerate the growth of European industry,” said Denny McGuirk, President and CEO of SEMI. “This new plan will engage more sectors, more constituencies and play a vital role in the expansion of Europe’s technology industries.”


In line with this European strategy, the French government and Grenoble regional authorities recently announced the Nano2017 R&D&I initiative:

5-year public-private program, worth a total of 3.5 billion, € 600 million of which will be provided by the national government; 400 million € from Europe; 100 million € from local Grenoble authorities and 1.3 billion € from STM (plans to double the capacity of its 300mm fab in Crolles, France. Fab production will increase from 3,500 to 7,000 wafers per week).


In 2014, the SEMICON Europa in Grenoble will aim at enriching the program and extending the semiconductor scope to vertical markets, going beyond « Equipment and Materials » in line with the Grenoble cluster’s strengths.

  • Grenoble provides a strong R&D and “innovation” platform. Increased visibility for SMEs and start-ups. Additional opportunity to attract VCs and investment community
  • May open doors to potential new customers – as well as access to new vertical markets such as healthcare, life sciences, bio, IT, aerospace, and automotive industries 
  • In addition to current industry program content, Grenoble will allow for new programs and content focusing on applications for selected vertical markets and end users

Look out for more information from SEMI about SEMICON Europe 2014 in Grenoble or contact our staff about any specific questions you may have.

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