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Advanced Packaging Conference


Advanced Packaging Conference

Electronics Packaging and Test for Future Mobility



Date: 14–15 November 2017

Time: 12:30–18:00, 08:30–13:30

Location: ICM Munich, Room 13a

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           Advanced Packaging Conference

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The automotive industry is one of the strong economic domains in Europe. With the advancement of technology towards automated and finally autonomous driving, we see an increasing number of electronic safety features, driver assistance systems, more sophisticated Engine Control Units, large number of communication features and infotainment systems in the car. They all depend on the availability of reliable, powerful electronic systems. Modern cars are becoming more and more “Microelectronics on wheels”. Electronics packaging, smart system integration, Sensors/ MEMS fusion in the systems and the test of the components and systems are important success factors for such electronic systems for future mobility.

As packaging, assembly and test in general, electronic systems for future mobility are targeting to find solutions for those key critical aspects of packaging: Performance, Form-Factor and Cost. But electronic systems for future mobility require on top reliability and zero defect yield targets significantly higher than specified for consumer and mobile communication application, which are driving advanced packaging development. However, years after introduction of new advanced packaging technologies, typically after a certain level of maturity and wider acceptance was achieved, other markets such as industrial, medical and healthcare, automotive and even military and aerospace applications tend to re-use those technologies, adapted to their typically higher requirements. Why do they do so? Because they are under the same continuously increasing pressure to address that critical triad of packaging: Performance, Form-Factor and Cost.

The major differences compared to consumer packaging can be found in the performance and reliability requirements. To address those, Chip-Package-Interaction needs to be better understood. The experts of Semiconductor Wafer FABs and IDMs (Frontends) and Packaging, Assembly and Test in OSATs, Test Houses and IDMs (Backends) need to move closer together, new high sophisticated functional materials need to be developed and tested for higher system robustness, new more powerful inspection methods are needed to ensure the quality level required, and flexible multi-temperature test concepts need to be developed. Those are the challenges of electronics packaging and test for future mobility, and at this year’s Advanced Packaging Conference, we want to present the latest advances in this field. If your company is active in electronics packaging and test for future mobility, we invite you to submit an abstract.




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