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MEMS session 2017



MEMS Session - Trends & Applications

Date: 15 November 2017

Time: 15:00–17:00

Location: TechARENA 2

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As the MEMS industry keeps moving forward with new technologies, products and manufacturing solutions, the 2017 MEMS Tech Arena will take you into the new trends that will shape current and future markets. Through comprehensive information and forecasts shared by industry experts, you will discover how smart system integration brings additional value within the MEMS value chain: thanks to the combination of advanced process technologies, equipments, engineering and manufacturing methods, the MEMS ecosystem is more than ever at the forefront of innovation, and well-prepared for connecting consumers and industry players together with emerging needs in a wide range of usages and applications.





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No pre-registration required but you must register as a visitor, in order to gain access to the venue. We recommend to arrive early as seating is limited.


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