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Lithography Session 2015



Lithography Session 2015

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Date: 8 October 2015

Time: 12:30–14:15

Location: TechARENA 1, Messe Dresden


Lithography is probably the hottest issue for the continuation of CMOS scaling. Since the smooth progression towards smaller exposure wavelengths has been interrupted at 193nm. However technical ingenuity has managed to insure the continuation of Moore’s Law. Even at the edge of 10nm, innovative approaches are being developed and compared for performances, from multiple patterning to High NA EUV and DSA. But Microelectronics is not only advanced CMOS: new technologies are emerging also for More than Moore like Nanoimprint and litho solutions for 3D integration.


Who should attend?

The session will investigate different alternative technologies that are being considered for pushing lithography limits in the tens of nanometer range, waiting for the commercial availability of EUV. Both the end-users’ experience with advanced lithography process and an overview  of new materials and equipment will be provided by representatives of leading industries and research centers.


Organizing Committee:

> Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC)


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