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Green Manufacturing Session 2015



Green Manufacturing Session 2015



Date: 8 October 2015

Time: 10:15 - 12:00

Location: TechARENA 1, Messe Dresden



Green Manufacturing covers a broad area in semiconductor manufacturing and aims to sustainability and resource efficiency. Starting with the construction of fab and the infrastructure, also the operation of a fab, in particular the manufacturing and process technology aspects, provides a broad potential for improvements in green manufacturing. The emphasis of this workshop will be put on fab operation and manufacturing aspects, but topics in the area of facilities and infrastructures are included as well.


Topics covered are:
• Implementations to reduce energy and resource consumption and to improve the carbon

  footprint in general
• Optimization of resource and energy consumption of semiconductor manufacturing processes
• Improvements of manufacturing equipment and sub equipment with respect to green manufacturing
• Cost savings achieved by reducing resource consumption or “re-specification” of

  manufacturing/facility interfaces, e.g. increasing the process cooling water temperature
• Recycling/reuse of resources and energy in semiconductor manufacturing


Who should attend?

Manufacturing facility and process engineers and managers, EHS and Risk Management


Organizing Committee:

> Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC)


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