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Advanced Materials Session 2015



Advanced Materials Session


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Date: 25 Oct 2016

Time: 14:00–17:00

Location: TechARENA 2



Progress in micro- and nanoelectronics in the past was mainly controlled by lithography. By approaching critical dimensions countable in atomic distances the requirements for the materials and the associated processes become extremely challenging. Properties of ultra thin films may differ significantly from the bulk values. Self-alignment concepts require extreme high uniformity and sub nm accuracy on 300 mm wafer size. In this session several of these new materials and process developments will be discussed by experts in the specific fields. Focus will be on the unique properties of the materials or processes, what makes them specifically suitable for targeted applications, how they are characterized and/or how they can be fabricated.



Organizing Committee:

> Semiconductor Technology Programs Committee (STC)



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No pre-registration required but you must register as a visitor, in order to gain access to the venue.

We recommend to arrive early as seating is limited.

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