About 80 percent of all innovations in a modern car are directly or indirectly depending on semiconductors. Semiconductors are involved in almost every area and function of a car, and therefore play an essential role in the further development of vehicles. In conjunction with Saxony Automotive Supplier Network (AMZ) and RKW Sachsen, SEMICON Europa will feature a new presentation session focusing on the importance of semiconductors in nearly every innovation driving the automotive industry.



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Attendees can register for the Automotive ticket - a package deal including most of the following related conferences and sessions: 


> NEW Electronics for Automotive Session 
   (chaired by Infineon Dresden)


> iNEMI Automotive Workshop 
   (not included in package)


> Imaging Conference


> Power Electronics Conference


> Low Power Conference 


> Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)


> European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC)


> Plastic Electronics Conference



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Meet and exchange with the industry’s full value chain, meet with adjacent markets, be at the forefront of innovations and trends. Participate at SEMICON Europa's Automotive segment!

Saxony Automotive Supplier Network AMZ

For 16 years the Saxony Automotive Supplier Network AMZ has been supporting regional manufacturing and service companies of the automotive industry in order to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of suppliers in the Free State Saxony. We build bridges between companies, enable access to research and development and foster collaborations concerning product and technology innovations. AMZ, with more than 120 members in Saxony, develops and assists projects among all the partners of the automobile value creation chain. Our aim is to connect the actors of the automotive supply chain both regionally, but also beyond national borders.


The creation of a broad network implies positive effects and advantages for each network member, enables entering new markets through cooperation and enhances the public image of the members.

The network managers coordinating all activities of AMZ Sachsen are Dirk Vogel and Andreas Wächtler.


Price* Package Automotive and Registration


Automotive Package includes: 

- Electronics for Automotive Session

- 17th European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC)

- Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)

- Imaging Conference

- Low Power Conference

- Power Electronics Conference


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