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Advanced Packaging Conference (APC)

The Power of Packaging

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Date: 7 - 8 October 2014

Time: 13:30 - 17:45 / 09:00 - 13:00

Location: Room Belle étoile, ALPEXPO


The SEMI Advanced Packaging Conference provides an unique opportunity to learn more about new technology, process, equipment and material developments in electronics packaging for package and system integration solutions serving many various consumer, medical, security, automotive, aviation and power applications.

New Advanced Packaging technologies and processes for Power Electronics, LEDs, MEMS and Embedded devices are being initiated by European companies together with international OEMs, IDMs and Fabless organisations. Many challenges need to be addressed, in order to package new devices at low cost. For System Integration, the package is now an integral part of the system functionality, be it System-in-Package, More-than-Moore or Heterogeneous Integration at wafer level and on organic substrates. R&D and manufacturing here in Europe are providing the leading Packaging solutions.

The presentations will include Keynote papers from Airbus and Continental and the conference will cover aspects of 3D Interconnection Interfaces, Power Handling, Thermal Management and Heat Dissipation as well as new materials and package techniques. The programme will shed light on developing application specific packaging technologies covering  processing and manufacturing related technologies  which can be leveraged as key enablers for cost efficient electronic devices and systems.

This exciting conference programme will conclude with a panel session that will address the state of packaging capability in Europe, review the opportunities that are imminent with the EU Horizon 20/20 investment in Semiconductor manufacturing and introduce the new “ESPAT” organisation.

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> Advanced Packaging Conference Committee (APC)

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Who should attend?

The conference will review the Technologies, Materials, Processes and Equipment that are being developed in Europe and elsewhere, to spearhead the take up of these advanced packaging needs. Attendance at this exciting conference should be a high on the list of priorities for anyone involved in the needs of future device packaging, including design, development and production. SEMI welcomes the interest of managers, engineers and technicians from the whole spectrum of the semiconductor industry.


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