450mm Session

450mm: towards a global cooperation


Date: 9 - 10 October 2013

Time: 14:00 - 19:00 / 08:30 - 12:30

Location: Ballroom, Messe Dresden


As the semiconductor industry continues to make progress in preparing for the next wafer size transition, Europe has been proactive in engaging its Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Companies through the formation and efforts of the European Equipment and Materials Initiative for 450mm (EEMI450). However, in order to ensure this latest wafer size transition is facilitated in both an effective and efficient way, the need to collaborate and cooperate with other Consortia on a global scale is paramount, as the activities push closer towards production worthy toolsets and IDM pilot line activities. This 450mm conference will focus on European and Worldwide 450mm achievements, and how Consortia, OEMs and IDMs, with the help of Governments and funding agencies, are working together to achieve this challenging wafer size transition for the industry.



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 Wednesday, 9 October


Session 1:

Worldwide Consortia Update:

Chairman:Lothar Pfitzner, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IISB
14:00Opening remarks
 Lothar Pfitzner, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IISB
14:10Leading the Industry Transition to 450MM wafers
Paul Farrar, General Manager G450C
14:30The F450C Partnership within G450C: Program Overview and Key Activities
Peter Csatáry, Head of Group Global Technologies, M+W
14:50EEMI450 and Global 450mm cooperation
Bas van Nooten, Director European cooperative program, EEMI450
15:10'Metro450' - The Israeli Metrology consortium - 2nd year
Menachem Shoval, Chairman of Board, METRO450
15:30Value Enhancement Through Global Collaboration
Steve Johnston, Director, External Programs and Technology Strategy, Intel
15:50Overview and Activities of the Silicon Saxony 450mm Cluster
Jochen Kinauer, Director for Sales and Business Development, AIS Automation
16:10Coffee Break

Session 2:

European Commission, Public Authority and funded project updates

Chairman:Richard Oechsner, Senior Project Manager APC, Fraunhofer IISB
16:40Europe will continue to invest in 450mm
Khalil Rouhana, Director of Components and Systems, European Commission, DG Connect
17:00JTI Implementing Aligned European/National/Regional Investment Policies in Nanoelectronics
Andreas Wild, Executive Director, ENIAC
17:20Test Beds and Pilot Line will foster the development of the future 450 mm equipment
Denis Rousset, Technology Director, CATRENE
17:40How Europe will succeed at 450mm
Malcolm Penn, President, Future Horizons

450mm SOI wafers

Development of 450mm SOI substrates, related technologies and equipment’s

Uwe Kriebisch, Product Manager, EV Group
18:20450mm transition - From local initiatives to global cross collaboration
Alain Jarre, CEO, Recif Technologies
18:40Evening Reception

 Thursday, 10 October




Welcome Coffee

Session 3: 

The Role of the Research Institutes

Chairman:Bernie Capraro, EU Research Programme Manager, Intel
08:30Towards a cost-effective 450mm wafer transition
Lode Lauwers, Vice President Business Development, imec



How the TNO Contamination Control Program enables the 450 mm wafer size transition
Olaf Kievit, Project Manager, TNO
09:10Semiconductor Equipment Assessment – An enabler for production ready
450 mm equipment
Markus Pfeffer, Group Manager, Fraunhofer IISB



The Interplay of Scaling and the Transition to 450mm at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Michael Liehr, CNSE Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology, University at Albany
09:50Coffee Break

Session 4:

Status of 450mm Equipment and Materials

Chairman:Guy Dubois, Founder and CEO, GDCL Management
10:20ASMLs 450mm program progress: product strategy & technology
Frank Bornebroek, Product Management, ASML
10:40Advanced FOUP Polymers
Jorgen Lundgren, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Entegris



Edge and Backside Defect Inspection and Classification for 450 mm wafer manufacturing
Michael Abraham, Managing Director, Rudolph Technologies



Requirements and solutions for 450mm equipment integration into factory systems
Thomas Dreyer, Director Research & Development, AIS



Scaling to 450 mm Wafer Size Requires Continuous Innovation in
Thermal Processing: Low-Temperature Plasma Oxidation
Juergen Niess, Director Technology, HQ-Dielectrics
12:00Challenges of the 450mm transition
Kirk Hasserjian, Corporate Vice President, AMAT
12:20Closing comments
Lothar Pfitzner, Head of Department, Fraunhofer IISB
12:30Conference Lunch


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Organizing Committee:

• Mart Graef (Chairman), TU Delft

• Michael Arnold, PEER Group
• Livio Baldi, Micron
• Johann Bartha, Technical University Dresden
• Tom Beens, Umicore
• Jacques Berg, Tokyo Electron
• Philippe Campion, STMicroelectronics
• Bernie D. Capraro, Intel
• Johan Dekoster, imec
• Guy Dubois, GDCL
Martin Heerschop, Solutions on Silicon BV


• Oliver Jentsch, Applied Materials

• Lutz Labs, Infineon
• Carlos Mazure, Soitec
• Didier Louis, CEA-Leti
• Martin McCallum, Nikon Precision Europe
• Richard Oechsner, Fraunhofer IISB
• Joachim Pelka, Fraunhofer
• Lothar Pfitzner, Fraunhofer IISB
• Peter Schaeffler, Texas Instruments
• Karsten Schneider, Applied Materials

• Hessel Sprey, ASM