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Media Partners 2017

SEMI is proud to partner with media companies to bring you news about and from SEMICON Europa. Remain up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry, subscribe to the following leading industry publications and e-newsletters:

To support SEMICON Europa 2017 please contact Serena Brischetto via sbrischetto@semi.org 

Thank you to all the 2017 media partners for their support and promotion. 


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3D InCites is an online media platform for 3D IC integration and 3D packaging technologies. It is the primary resource for key decision makers seeking information about technology development, design, standards, and infrastructure in order to realize commercial production of 2.5D and 3D technologies. 3D InCites is powered by Impress Labs, a global creative and marketing communications agency specializing in building brands for technology companies in the semiconductor, solar energy and life science industries.


Automation Network Dresden  

Intelligent Production Automation Experience “Made in Germany” live

Automation Network Dresden invites you to attend the “14th Innovation Forum for Automation” from 19 to 20 January 2017 in Dresden, Germany.
AND (Automation Network Dresden) will offer a glimpse into the future of automation at the “14th Innovation Forum for Automation” to be held from 19 to 20 January 2017 in Dresden. The AND will be joined at this event by well-known representatives from the industrial and scientific communities and selected reference customers. This makes the event a lively forum without parallel in Germany where attendees can experience examples of production automation “Made in Germany” live. Topical highlights include practice-oriented presentations by: 

  • Dr. Uwe Schub (IAV GmbH) discusses the challenges associated with highly-automated driving on motorways and surface streets in congested urban areas.
  • Dr. Thomas Morgenstern (Robert Bosch GmbH) provides an overview of the path taken by Bosch on its way to reaching its current level of factory automation.
  • Bernhard Riester (Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH) discusses the integration of a mobile robotics system in a 200mm wafer factory.

Additional information and registration at: http://www.and-innovation.de

For questions: Fabmatics GmbH, Kathrin Maletzki, Tel. +49 (0)351 65237-230, Kathrin.Maletzki@fabmatics.com



AESIN is a dedicated UK initiative focused on the accelerated and advanced delivery of Electronic Systems (ES) into vehicles and infrastructure operated by the UK Trade Association – NMI.

Our Aim at AESIN is to be a network for everyone in the supply chain who want to progress Automotive Electronics Industry in the UK. A ‘go to’ place to discuss your concerns, problems but also your great ideas.

AESIN helps to facilitate world-beating innovation by enabling collaboration, sharing of expert knowledge and best practice in a non-competitive and effective environment. At AESIN we believe we are “better together”.

Key Objectives:



Adhesives & Sealants Industry offers useful information for global manufacturers, formulators and end users of adhesives and sealants, including films, tapes, labels, potting materials and adhesive/ sealant products. Providing solutions to manage processing and manufacturing problems as well as application methods and curing information, ASI editorial targets readers involved with production, engineering, product assembly, supervision and management. Now available in print and digital versions, plus weekly ASI E-News. 



AZoNetwork is a global information provider for scientists, engineers, technologists, researchers and anyone with an active mind who’s interested in the latest in tech. The suite of sites operated by AZoNetwork covers the following sectors; Materials, Nanotechnology, Medical News and Devices, Clean Technologies, Sensors, Robotics, Optics, Mining, Building and Quantum Technologies.



Bodo’s Power Systems delivers One Magazine to One World, On Time, Always. Twelve times the year the magazine is delivered with in-depth content in print and online. Launched in June 2006, Bodo’s Power Systems magazine serves the Power Electronics, Power Management, Power Conversion, Intelligent and Embedded Motion Control markets world-wide for systems design engineers. 



CHEManager International supplies top-level managers and executives with essential market news; interviews with leading industry decision makers; product applications and more. Leading personalities from the areas of scientific research, business and politics use CHEManager International as a platform for expressing their views on all topics relevant in the field. All of this enables CHEManager International to establish itself as an image vehicle for the Chemical and Life Science industries. With a circulation of 20,000, CHEManager International is the ideal marketing tool for products and services targeted towards the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.



Chip Scale Review is the leading international test, assembly, and packaging magazine for WLP, TSVs, 2D/3D device packaging and high-density interconnection of microelectronics, ICs, MEMS, RF/ wireless, optoelectronic and other wafer-fabricated devices for the 21st century. CSR in print and digital publishes in-depth packaging related editorial. CSR delivers exclusive state of the art technical editorial, news, and commentary on critical and topical industry matters not available elsewhere. CSR co-sponsors the visionary 7th annual International Wafer-level Packaging Conference (IWLPC) with SMTA. Sign up or renew your free subscription at:




The CLEANROOM MAGAZIN reports news and trends from the world of cleanrooms complemented by articles with social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Leading technologies are presented as well as international standards and developments. It is published in German and English.

Das CLEANROOM MAGAZIN berichtet über Aktuelles und Wissenswertes aus der Welt der Reinräume. Reportagen und News mit gesellschaftlichen, wirtschaftlichen und kulturellen Hintergründen ergänzen die Informationen aus der Fachbranche. Führende Technologien werden dabei ebenso dargestellt
wie internationale Standards und Entwicklungen. Das CLEANROOM MAGAZIN erscheint in deutscher und englischer Sprache.



Compound Semiconductor has been the leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the worldwide Compound Semiconductor industry since 1995. With the largest global circulation and history of excellence, Compound Semiconductor remains the most effective and authoritative title for the industry and a must read platform for the compound semiconductor community worldwide.



Adsale Publishing Ltd. publishes bi-monthly trade magazine "China Plastic & Rubber Journal (CPRJ)" in Chinese and semi-annually trade magazine "CPRJ International Edition" in English.  All print magazine content is searchable and readable on www.AdsaleCPRJ.comBesides, it can also be downloaded from 'Adsale App' which is available on both iTunes and Android market.  Now you can get our insightful information on global market trend, the latest technology innovations and management intelligence anytime and anywhere. Media on Mobility ‧ On readers' hands always.

For free subscription, please register at www.AdsaleCPRJ.com/members



DATE 2017 – Design, Automation & Test in Europe

The DATE 2017 conference will take place from 27 to 31 March, 2017, at the SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne, Switzerland.

For the 20th successive year, DATE has prepared an exciting technical programme, highlighting Automotive and Secure Systems as well as special topics such as 5G wireless networks, 3D-IC integration, FD-SOI and IoT. The full advance programme is available on the DATE Homepage: www.date-conference.com/conference/event-overview

The full list of participating exhibitors and sponsors including their company profiles can be found online as well.  



EE Times Europe provides the creators of technology in Europe with news, analysis, product and design information in a wide range of media formats. EE Times Europe is a next-generation, integrated media product that includes a monthly print publication, a digital version with enhanced features, a unique website and a daily newsletter keeping subscribers abreast of new developments in real time.
Additional information is available at



Electroniques is the only French magazine which tackles economic and technologic components, modules and electronic industrial systems (aero military, automotive, industrial, energy, transport, telecoms, medical, home automation).  Electroniques: The referent monthly for electronic decision makers and engineers of the industry.



EPP Elektronik Produktion & Prüftechnik: A high level of expertise in terms of industry and application focused reporting on everything that matters in electronics production. Featuring regular interviews with leading market figures. EPP is the trade magazine for the German market with the highest circulation in the area of electronics manufacturing and testing. More information: www.epp-online.de



Electronics Production and Test: Every issue spans the spectrum from automation and fitting to reliability testing. TREND articles show where the industry is heading when it comes to key production stages. Leading industry figures provide their qualified opinions. Successful applications are featured. This provides readers with the information they need to invest with confidence.
More information: www.epp-europe.eu



EE-Evaluation Engineering is the pioneering magazine serving engineers, engineering managers, and corporate managers responsible for test and total product quality in the design, development, manufacturing, and service of electronic products and systems. Published in print and digital editions, EE presents in-depth technical information for buyers and specifiers of semiconductor test equipment, communications test instruments, and RF and microwave test equipment.



Evertiq - Online European Electronics - ist der führende Anbieter von Online-Nachrichten für die europäische Elektronikbranche und ihre Zulieferer. 

Seit 1999 liefert evertiq schnelle Nachrichten über Menschen, Märkte und Technologien aus der Elektronikbranche - und alles auf täglicher Basis. Wenn etwas geschieht, dann finden Sie es zuerst auf Evertiq.Unser Kerngeschäft ist die Veröffentlichung von Nachrichten Tag für Tag, schnell und genau. Ihr täglicher Besuch bei Evertiq bietet Ihnen Zugang zu aktuellen Nachrichten und Informationen.

Unser Ziel
Wir wollen die erste Wahl für jeden Mitarbeiter in der europäischen Elektronik-Industrie sein.

evertiq ist ein unabhängiger Nachrichtendienstleister, welcher auf Basis von Objektivität und Rechtschaffenheit arbeitet. Dies erzeugt eine dauerhafte und wachsende Gemeinschaft von Lesern, die auch an Mitteilungen in Ihren Werbeannoncen interessiert ist.



Galvanotechnik is the oldest and worldwide leading magazine for plating, distributed in 50 countries around the world and highly accepted in the industry. The concept includes substantial scientific articles about new technologies in German or English, company information and reports about project-realizations with customers, congresses, fairs, patents, industry news, etc.

Permanent columns: plating, photovoltaics, thin film and plasma technology, microsystems technology, environmental engineering.



The Global LEDs/OLEDs magazine, website and newsletter, written for designers, specifiers, assemblers and manufacturers of LED and OLED products, focus on technical and design issues affecting the multi-faceted market for LED luminaires and the emerging market for OLED luminaires and displays. They also provide insightful columns, coverage of industry news and events, and an exploration of the latest technology emerging in the sector.



The global assembly journal for SMT and advanced packaging professionals, Global SMT & Packaging magazine and its websites contain authoritative technical articles on practical issues affecting SMT assembly and packaging. The magazine comes out in five region- targeted editions--Americas, Europe, China, Korea and South East Asia.

There is also an international website, an international daily newsletter, and a number of regional websites and monthly regional newsletters. Global SMT TV provides timely, industry-based video content.



ident – The User Magazine for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

Technologies such as Barcode (1D+2D), RFID, Labeling, Mobile IT Systems, Print & Apply, Logistics Software and Sensors in their various technological manifestations and fields of application, have undergone continuous further development during the past years. They form the basic technology for efficient process optimization, planning and control along the value chains of industry, trade and services.

Despite the wide spectrum and rate of dissemination of efficient AIDC Systems, new fields of application are always being developed, or established areas are being complemented or replaced by new systems which are increasingly more powerful in their function and performance. For over 16 years, ident has been making its contribution towards providing readers and future users with information about the entire performance spectrum in a comprehensible, practice-oriented way and across the various business segments.

Accompanying these thematic areas, ident is now making an information portal and the “ident Market – The Suppliers Directory” available to its readers and other interested persons on the internet under www.ident.de.

The magazine ident has been the official publication of the AIM-D e. V., Industrial Association for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, since 1996.



ITF2017 Israel: Sensing & Interfacing a Connected World

Imec’s Technology Forum Israel offers a unique research and innovation perspective on the emerging opportunities in smart electronics.

Presentations and demos take you on a journey through the ‘Intuitive Internet of Things’, its technological drivers and its game changing capabilities in domains including smart mobility, smart health and imaging.




Jakajima is the matchmaker for innovators in the high tech industry, ranging from 3D printing to Internet of Things, from Unmanned Systems (Drones) to Health Tech, from Experience Design to 3D Food Printing and from Sport Innovation to Photonics. As technology develops itself from atoms to bits and from bits to atoms, traditional boundaries between value chains disappear which lead to new business opportunities.

We organize those activities which bring innovators from different value chains and different professions together, in order to endeavour innovations and to create new partnerships, products and/or services. 

We are waiting for you at our next event, Photonic Integration Conference, Sep 27, 2016, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



MEPTEC (Microelectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council) is a trade association of over 400 semiconductor professionals committed to enhancing the competitiveness of the back-end portion of the semiconductor business. MEPTEC is concerned exclusively with assembly, packaging and test issues and is dedicated to the advancement of that segment of the industry.



Micronews Media includes a website, www.i-micronews.com, a bi-weekly magazine Micronews, and the five Technology Magazines: MEMS Trends, 3D Packaging, PV Manufacturing, iLED and Power Dev'. MEMS Trends, our MEMS focused media, provides in-depth analysis with a strategic eye on the markets, technologies, products, players, key events …. For more information and subscription, please visit the website:




Mikroproduktion ist ein deutschsprachiges Fachmagazin der angewandten Mikrotechnik und berichtet über die komplette Prozesskette zur Herstellung von Mikrosystemen, miniaturisierten Produkten sowie funktionalen Mikrostrukturen.

Mikroproduktion präsentiert in Form exklusiver Fachartikel aus Industrie und Forschung neue Miniaturisierungstechnologien und gibt Hilfestellung bei deren Umsetzung. Als Referenz dienen dabei realisierte Applikationen markt- und technologieführender Unternehmen.

Mikroproduktion ist ein interdisziplinäres Fachmagazin und beschreibt die Querschnittstechnologien Mikrotechnik und Mikrosystemtechnik.



NASA’s best new technologies with “down to Earth” applications are reported FIRST in NASA Tech Briefs, months or years before they appear in other publications. Engineers and managers in OEM industries ranging from automotive to bio-med to communications rely on Tech Briefs for design ideas they can apply at the front end of the product development cycle, when critical decisions are made on technologies, products, and vendors.



OPE journal is a globally circulated magazine for the organic and printed electronics industry. The magazine includes the official OE-A news and has a controlled circulation of 9500 copies. Each address is personalised, as OPE journal is sent to professionals known by name and not only to companies or departments. OPE journal provides its readers with: analyses of the latest market trends, most recent industry news, independently researched economic and business reports, reports on new technologies, methods and processes. In every issue we publish detailed information on selected technical focus areas. In addition short news stories are released on our website www.ope-journal.com on a daily basis.



Photonics Media – the Pulse of the Industry - is Laurin Publishing Company's international suite of media with more than 50 years as the industry’s leading publications. In print with Photonics Spectra and BioPhotonics magazines, the EuroPhotonics and AsiaPhotonics feature sections, the Photonics Showcase supplement and the Photonics Buyers’ Guide. Also online at www.photonics.com



Tomorrow’s semiconductor innovations start with the researchers at government, industrial and university labs who read Physics Today. Physics Today is the world’s foremost physics magazine, where the breadth of physics is delivered to 120,000 scientists and engineers. Register for free online access and daily content at www.physicstoday.org



PLUS informs about assembly and interconnection technology in electronics. In detail, the contents are design and manufacturing of pcbs, assembly technology, packaging/hybrids, standards and specifications, management and market information.

Every issue give furthermore news of the professional associations FED, ZVEI, EITI, IMAPS, 3-D MID, DVS and FBDi.



Power Electronics World focuses on the rapidly changing technology of how we generate, manage, distribute and utilize electrical energy. More than ever, this will include examining new technologies that enable both fossil-fueled and renewable energy. We’re the best resource for looking beyond product announcements for in-depth analysis that demonstrates how individuals, communities and populations are impacted by technology.

Visit www.powerelectronicsworld.net



ReinRaumTechnik richtet sich an die Betreiber und Nutzer von Reinräumen in Forschung und Industrie. Im Fokus stehen neueste Entwicklungen in Reinraumbau und -planung, Lüftungstechnik, Partikelmonitoring sowie in Reinraumbekleidung und –reinigung. Die Anwendungen stammen aus der Medizin und aus der industriellen Fertigung von Halbleitern, Lebensmitteln, pharmazeutischen und biotechnologischen Produkten.



Semiconductor Packaging News is a daily e-mail newsletter & website reaching over 200,000 readers. SPN covers the world of semiconductor packaging and mirco-electronics, publishing important industry news articles. We package this information into a convenient newsletter that we deliver to our subscribers via e-mail at no cost. We deliver over 1,000 white paper downloads every month and you'll also find commentaries, cartoons, an industry event calendar and much more.



Silicon Semiconductor follows the semiconductor manufacturing trends, industry opportunities and announcements to provide the decision making information our reader's need to do a difficult job in a challenging industry. SiS also provides exclusive content on the manufacturing issues affecting the industry wherever in the world it may be. With so many industry challenges on the horizon it is more important than ever to gain a worldwide perspective. Silicon Semiconductor is the catalyst for the global semiconductor community.



Solid State Technology is the longest-running and most complete source of information for engineers, operators, managers, tool and materials suppliers and semiconductor researchers. Solid State Technology covers semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, wafer fabrication, integrated circuits, thin-film microelectronics, flat-panel displays, and microstructure technologies, processes and equipment and more.



Over the past 26 years U.S. Tech has become the major publication for the electronics industry. We report fresh news and emphasize coverage of new products and services that can help technology in the U.S. to continue to thrive. U.S. Tech has expanded its reach to Canada, Mexico, Europe and China. We participate in all major trade conferences to further expose the publication, its advertisers, and the products and services it covers to an ever-expanding readership of decision makers.



In Latin, “Veritas et Visus” means “Truth and Vision”.  Our mission is to provide readers with pertinent, timely and affordable information about the fascinating and rapidly expanding flat-panel display industry.  We strive to serve the industry as more than just a news service by adding our own analysis and commentary on the news.



From our experience assessing emerging technologies for over a decade, we have developed a unique understanding of technologies that enables us to accurately evaluate markets, applications, solutions and strategies. We aim to build deep relationships, discussing and sharing information across our vast global network. A rapid convergence of key technologies is driving unprecedented change. In this dynamic environment our goal is to understand our customers’ strengths and guide their success. The focus of our business is to help our customers grow.

Yole Développement group provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media, and financial advisory services. We have a global vision and customer base. Our fields of competence include:

• MEMS & Sensors: gyroscopes, accelerometers, IMUs, combos, compasses, microphones, microbolometers, RF…

• Imaging

• Advanced Packaging: 3D ICs, TSV, SoC, WLP, embedded die, flip-chip, IPD, interposers

• Power Electronics: modules/ICs, inverters, thermal management, high voltage devices…

• LED including OLEDs, HBLEDs, UV LEDs, blue lasers…

• Optoelectronics

• Compound Semiconductors & Substrates: SiC, sapphire, GaN, AlN, ZnO, SOI, GaAs…

• Photovoltaics: wafer-based, thin film, CPV, BIPV…

• MedTech: biochip, bioMEMS, MRT, inkjet…

• Nanomaterials


Our research is performed by in-house personnel conducting open-ended discussion based interviews.

• 50 associates worldwide

• Full time analysts with technical and marketing degrees

• Primary research includes over 3,500 interviews annually


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